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SIMCO provides construction professionals to monitor, observe, inspect and document infrastructure projects throughout the New York metropolitan area. Our seasoned construction inspection staff is particularly focused on the safety of the public while facilitating delivery of the construction project on time and within budget.


SIMCO Engineering, P.C., as Prime Consultant, is providing Construction Management services for Con Edison utility installation projects on New York State highways. The work includes installation underground/overhead electrical cables and gas mains/connections and the related infrastructure throughout Westchester County, NY within New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) Region 8 Right-of-Way. The projects include permanent restoration of roadways (full depth asphalt, concrete and composite pavements), sidewalks, curbs, shoulders, tree protection, restoration of grass and landscaped areas and other related work.

SIMCO Engineering, P.C., is also providing design services for detailed Maintenance and Protection of Traffic (MPT) plans, lighting plan and Traffic Management Plan for each specific project in accordance with the National Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and the NYS Supplement and coordinate with NYSDOT Region 8 to facilitate the construction within State Right-of-Way.

SIMCO Engineering, P.C., is providing Construction Inspection Services as a prime consultant for the management and inspection services for pre-construction, construction, and post construction phases of refurbishing pavement markings on various County roadways.

The scope of work includes grinding worn out and faded pavement markings and refurbishing with new durable, reflective epoxy pavement marking materials (yellow, white and skip lines) on various County roads.

SIMCO's staff also surveyed county roadways to evaluate old worn out pavement marking conditions and prepared reports for the county for additional work or for future contracts. SIMCO continues to keep the NCDPW EIC and supervisor informed on all project activities.

SIMCO’s staff follows NYSDOT MURK and CEES Program for all documentation and contractor’s payment and continues to follow the New York State procedures for Locally Administered Federal Aid Projects Manual (PLAFAP). Staff, with the approval of NCDPW EIC, also coordinates with the NYSDOT federal aid local project’s representatives on QA/QC, EEO compliance and other crucial issues

The Phase 7 project has been completed and closed out. Phase 8 project is being closed out.

East Side Access is one of the largest undergoing transportation infrastructure projects in the United States which is being managed by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority‘s (MTA) Capital Construction (MTA CC). When completed, it will provide faster and easier ride for the commuters from Long Island and Queens to the east side of Manhattan. The project’s total estimated cost is over $ 10.0 billion.

The main construction elements of the project include:

  • Tunneling and Excavation
  • Concourse and Terminal Construction
  • Track Realignment, Reconfiguration and Modernization
  • Power and Ventilation Facilities
  • Storage and Maintenance Facilities

SIMCO, as a subconsultant, is providing personnel to support East-Side Access project to fulfill the following duties, including but not limited to:

Under direct supervision of the ESA management, SIMCO’s inspectors are responsible for performing civil and structural field inspection services for the tunnel construction to ensure contractor’s activities are carried out safely and in accordance with Contract Documents, submitted Construction plans, Safe Work plans and other relevant documents.

SIMCO’s inspectors act as CM’s field staff in a variety of tasks as needed including evaluating construction progress, review of field engineer reports and assist in remedying open issues. Major emphasis is given to monitoring and documenting the contractor’s timely prosecution of work.

SIMCO’s inspectors interface and coordinate with control managers and other field engineers to maintain and track various logs, reports and field records. They also identify potential coordination, quality and safety or environmental issues.

SIMCO is providing construction management services in support of the $79-Million reconstruction of the SIRT yard below the elevated bus deck at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.

This is the major intermodal terminal on Staten Island and provides transfers for commuter rail, ferry, taxi and bicycle is undergoing extensive rehabilitation due to the impact of Superstorm Sandy on the SIRT facilities in October 2012.

The rail yard is being reconstructed with new tracks, traction power, signals and communications facilities, perimeter flood “hardening“ measures and the rehabilitation of Tower “B”. Asbestos mitigation is also included as part of the project.

This is a high-visibility, active area with significant vehicle, pedestrian and commuter activity. All work is being performed while maintaining customer service at all times for the SIRT lines terminating at the Terminal. Work is being conducted in shifts to facilitate completion and minimize impacts on existing services and railroad operations.

SIMCO’s full time on-site staff includes Senior Civil/Structural Inspector, Senior Electrical Inspector, Civil Inspector and Site Safety Representative.

SIMCO is providing construction inspection services for this project.

The equipment in the existing facility was inundated with water after the devastating Superstorm Sandy hit Long Island. Most of the sludge dewatering machineries were damaged and became non-functional due to this disaster and had to be replaced with new system. To protect against future water damage, the floor elevation needed to be raised. The Nassau County Department of Public Works decided to rebuild the entire facility with new machineries under a federal disaster recovery program

A temporary facility has been built to keep the facility functioning during the construction period which will be removed upon completion of the project.

The principal features of the project under this contract consist of demolition, removal and reconstruction of the entire facility including mechanical piping and equipment, associated appurtenances inside the sludge dewatering facility including sludge feed pipe and pump system, wash water pipelines and booster pump, polymer system, odor control scrubbers system, storage tanks, sodium hydroxide storage tank, and related all electrical control, power and signal wires, HVAC system etc. The new facility will also have high level alarm panel power wiring, new exhaust fans on roof, temperature controls, plumbing, sprinkler system, fire alarm system.

SIMCO Engineering, P.C. provided REI Services for the Construction of Storm Sewers and Water Mains at Peru Street and Harold Street in Staten Island, NY.

This project consisted of the following work:

  • The surveying and pruning of city owned trees.
  • The construction of new 10” ESVP sanitary sewer in Oakville Street and providing the properties which are still on septic tanks with the city sewer.
  • The construction of 10” ESVP sanitary sewer to replace the existing 8” and reconnect the house connection drains to the new sewer.
  • The construction of two intercepting chambers for the storm sewers
  • The construction of 12” ESVP, 15” ESVP, 18” ESVP, 24” R.C.P. CL III, 30” R.C.P. CL III, 38”w x 24” h R.C.P. CL, HE-III and 45”w x 29”h R.C.P. CL.HE-III through the project.
  • The installation of the catch basins Type I & Type III and 12” D.I.P. chute connections.
  • The installation of different types on access manholes on both sewers.
  • The installation of 8” water mains and appurtenances; main line valves, hydrants, hydrant fenders, and hydrant valves.
  • The protection and the support of 26” high pressure natural gas line which exists underground within the project.
  • The construction of sidewalks, curbs and pedestrian ramps within the project.
  • The restoration of the roadways including the concrete base and asphalt

SIMCO Engineering, P.C., as a sub-consultant to BSU, performed biennial Bridge Inspection for New York State DOT. During inspection SIMCO’s team performed:

  • Structural Inspection for Fracture Critical/Non-Redundant Members and Fatigue Prone Details.
  • Safety Inspection for bridge under-deck concrete and top of the bridge sidewalk, bridge railing and approaches for pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

The above inspection was performed as per NYSDOT inspection guidelines. Verified bridge plans and cross-sections. Prepared detailed Flag reports in BIPPI. Prepared critical monitoring sketches for several deteriorated steel members etc.

The services included:

  • Structural Inspection
  • Safety Inspection
  • Check Non-Redundant Members
  • Check Fracture Critical Members

SIMCO, as a Prime Consultant, is providing construction inspection services for this term contract. SIMCO has been assigned 5 task orders to date.

  • 5.5 miles of Asphalt Concrete Recycling on Route 124 in the Towns of Lewisboro and Pound Ridge, Westchester, NY. The scope of work included construction inspection and Office engineering for paving of cross streets, driveways, new gutter, existing gutters along Route 124 within the project limits (Route 124 from Route 983D to Route 137). Restoration of grade at the pavement limits by placing crushed stone and landscaping
  • Bridge Preventive Maintenance, All Counties. The scope of work included construction inspection for Sands Road Bridge over Route 17, pressure washing and sealing including deck, approach slabs and parapet walls and partial depth joint repairs, in Middletown, Orange County, NY
  • Route 139 at Somers High School Driveway Intersection Improvements (Westchester), R-8. The scope included inspection of the driveway improvements at Somers High School.
  • Graffiti Removal on Timber Wall (1.7 miles long x 10 ft. in height) including Chain Link Fence along the Hutchinson Parkway, SB, between Exit 22 & 20. The scope of work included inspection of graffiti removal by painting over on Timber wall and Chain Link Fence along the parkway
  • Route 139 at Somers High School Driveway Intersection Improvements (Westchester), R-8. The scope included inspection of the driveway improvements at Somers High School.
  • Graffiti Removal on Timber Wall (1.7 miles long x 10 ft. in height) including Chain Link Fence along the Hutchinson Parkway, SB, between Exit 22 & 20. The scope of work included inspection of graffiti removal by painting over on Timber wall and Chain Link Fence along the parkway

Replacement of Spain Brook Parkway over Payne Street. The scope of work included inspection for reconstruction of the viaduct abutments, wing walls including driving H-piles; reconstruction of the viaduct girders.

The Contract D031370, under three (3) PINs has been providing Construction Inspection of Pavement Preservation work at the following locations:

XM 14.49

    XM 14.49

  • Brooklyn Queens Expressway from Hamilton Ave to Atlantic Ave in both directions;
  • Nassau Expressway from Cross Bay Blvd. to 132 streets in one direction;
  • NY 440 Outerbridge Crossing from Pearl Harbor Memorial Expressway to Arthur Kill Rd in both directions.
  • XM 15.48

  • Clearview Expressway (from Hillside Ave to Willets Pt Blvd);
  • BQE/GCP (from 34th St. to 82nd St.);
  • Grand Central Parkway Eastbound (from 168th Street to Clearview Expressway).
  • XM 15.49

  • I-95 (Bruckner Expressway) mainline between Throgs Neck Expressway merge and Bronx Pelham Parkway (both Directions);
  • I-278 (Bruckner Expressway) northbound exit to Zerega Avenue/Hutchinson River Parkway;
  • I-295 (Clearview Expressway) and 907M (Grand Central Parkway) interchange ramps

SIMCO, as a prime consultant, is providing the inspection services for the following: milling of existing asphalt concrete overlays, saw cutting areas of deteriorated Portland cement concrete pavement; doing full and partial depth concrete pavement repairs; placing new multi course asphalt concrete overlay; repairing or replacing highway curbs; repairing catch-basin frames and grates and placing pavement markings.

Construction is being done mostly at night. The NYSDOT specifications covering sections 400 (hot mix asphalt), 500 (Portland cement concrete), 600 (incidental construction), 729 (temporary traffic control devices) are the primary items of construction.

All work is being performed in accordance with the NYSDOT’s policies, specifications and plans applicable to the Contract. All records are being kept in accordance with the Manual of Uniform Record Keeping (MURK). The project will require final close out including the preparation of as-built plans showing all changes from the contract plans.

SIMCO Engineering, P.C., under a contract with the private developer, Nelin Realty, has been providing the CI services for the Traffic Signal Improvements (at site frontage of Tanglewood commons, between ref. markers 112 0701 1091 and 112 0701 1093), on Route 112, Coram, Long Island (NYSDOT, R-10 permit # 40652).

The work includes: removal and reconstruction of existing sidewalk, curb and asphalt pavement, ADA curb ramps with detectable warnings, new asphalt concrete deceleration lane; installation of new Type A catch basin with mountable curb box and reticulum grate; removal of existing curb box frame and grate and replacing with manhole frame and cover including installation of 15” RCP drainage pipe; installation of signal poles and cables, conduits, pull boxes, inductance loop, LED pedestrian signals, ground and span mounted signs; turf establishment, transplanting 3” to 6” diameter trees including monitoring of M&PT.

All work follows NYSDOT’s standard specifications and details, MUTCD, MURK manual

The contractor for this project is Commander Electric with several sub consultants.

The state Permit Engineer is Thomas Dankowski