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Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant Sludge Dewatering Facility Demolition & Construction.

SIMCO is providing construction inspection services for this project.

The equipment in the existing facility was inundated with water during Superstorm Sandy. Most of the sludge dewatering machinery was damaged and became non-functional and had to be replaced with new system. To protect against future water damage, the floor elevation needed to be raised. The Nassau County Department of Public Works decided to rebuild the entire facility under a federal disaster recovery program.

A temporary facility has been built to keep the facility functioning during the construction period.

The principal features of the project under this contract consist of demolition, removal, and reconstruction of the entire facility, including mechanical piping and equipment, associated appurtenances inside the sludge dewatering facility, including sludge feed pipe and pump system, wash water pipelines and booster pump, polymer system, odor control scrubbers system, storage tanks, sodium hydroxide storage tank, related electrical control, power, and signal wires, HVAC system, etc. The new facility will also have high level alarm panel power wiring, new exhaust fans on the roof, temperature controls, plumbing, a sprinkler system, and a fire alarm system.