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Broadway Junction Transportation Enhancement Project

Broadway Junction is the primary transportation hub for Brooklyn’s East New York neighborhood. The location is served by the MTA New York City Transit (NYCT) A, C, J, L, and Z subway lines and the B20, B25, B83, Q24, and Q56 bus routes, as well as by other nearby bus routes.

Approximately 8,500 passengers board the subway daily from this location, over 2,700 of whom transfer from one of the bus routes. Over 2,900 additional passengers transfer from one bus route to another at this location.

From Broadway Junction, the bus routes fan out in multiple directions to serve areas of the neighborhood that are not easily reached by walking. The East New York station of the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) is within the project area, approximately two blocks from Broadway Juntion. Callahan-Kelly Park is also nearby.

As part of an ESA contract with the New York City Department of Transportation, this project consisted of the rehabilitation and improvement of Broadway Junction and the surronding roadway. The goal of the project was to improve vehicular and pedestrian flows.

SIMCO’s role in the design effort was to create work zone traffic control plans and staging plans. Tasks included developing the staging and maintenance and protection plans while maintaining current pedestrian, bus, and vehicular traffic. ADA, NYCDDC, and MUTCD standards were followed to create the traffic and staging plans. Cost estimating was also performed.