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Bronx Psychiatric Center Redevelopment Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Bronx Psychiatric Center Redevelopment Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), Bronx, NY

Approximately 33-acres of the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) Bronx Psychiatric Center (BPC) campus, located in the Morris Park section of the Bronx, is being proposed for redevelopment.  The proposed project would include commercial office space for business, professional, or medical facilities; hotel use; college/trade school space; retail space; multipurpose sports building; open space, and accessory parking spaces.

SIMCO developed the Traffic, Parking, Safety, Transit, and Pedestrian sections of the EIS document. All transportation analyses for the EIS were conducted according to the New York City CEQR Technical Manual.  The data, methodology, and analysis results were reviewed by NYCDOT.

The traffic study, consisting of 28 key intersections in the study area, was conducted to determine if there were any significant impacts.  A parking demand estimate was developed for the proposed uses to determine if there would be a potential for an on-site parking shortfall.  A bus line-haul analysis was conducted in accordance with the CEQR Technical Manual using data from New York City Transit to determine if there were any significant impacts to bus capacity due to the project. 

Street level pedestrian elements (sidewalks, corner reservoirs, and crosswalks) were analyzed at key locations in the study area to determine potential pedestrian impacts. Vehicular and pedestrian safety issues were analyzed for the study area intersections and other nearby sensitive locations using crash data from the most recent three-year period obtained from the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT). Significant impacts identified in the analyses conducted were mitigated using measures acceptable to NYCDOT.