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Greater East Midtown Rezoning, Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Greater East Midtown Rezoning Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), New York, NY

The project included zoning map and text amendments affecting a 78 block area in East Midtown to facilitate construction and renovation of office space and the improvement of transportation facilities.

SIMCO was responsible for leading the analysis of pedestrian conditions at crosswalk, corner, and sidewalk locations in the study area based on the CEQR methodology.  SIMCO created the pedestrian routings and increments used to select pedestrian analysis locations in consultation with the New York City Department of City Planning. Projected pedestrian trips were assigned to the study area pedestrian elements by time period, development site, and mode of transportation for the No Action and three build alternatives.

Significant pedestrian impacts were identified and mitigation measures were developed as required.  SIMCOwas responsible for writing the pedestrian section of the EIS that summarized the results of the analyses and mitigation measures used.

SIMCO’s tasks on this project included:

  • Data collection
  • Pedestrian routing and increment creation
  • Conducted pedestrian analysis at a combined 234 sidewalks, crosswalks, and corners as per CEQR methodology
  • Developed mitigation measures for pedestrian elements with significant adverse impacts
  • Drafted pedestrian section of the EIS
This project was awarded the ITE Metro Chapter’s 2017 project of the year.