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Harlem 125th Street Station New Perimeter Security and Artwork Lighting

Metro-North’s Harlem 125th Street Station is located in East Harlem on East 125th Street between Park Avenue northbound and Park Avenue southbound, under the Park Avenue Viaduct. It is a major Metro-North commuter rail hub, serving Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan and points north in New York and Connecticut. It is a highly visible area with significant public and commuter activity.

The station complex, constructed in 1897, has a New York State Historic Preservation Office (NYSHPO) Opinion of Eligibility for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

SIMCO is the Prime Consultant responsible for the project management, project delivery, electrical engineering, MPT, constructability review, construction phase services, and related activities.

This project provided security lighting around the existing station building to enhance local security. Sixteen existing HP Sodium/Metal Halide fixtures were replaced with 39 high efficiency LED fixtures, which significantly enhanced lighting levels (10Fc) around the station perimeter. The fixtures and conduit are mounted on the Park Avenue Viaduct and not on the historic station building itself to avoid damaging the historic station exterior walls. The LED fixtures were selected to be sensitive to the historic exterior brick of the building.

Also included under this project was the installation of a new LED accent lighting system of the artwork located on the east and west fascia girders over East 125th Street. The new lighting replaced obsolete and inoperable incandescent and neon fixtures installed with the artwork in 2000. The 60 LED fixtures (30 east girder, 30 west girder) are controlled by a Crestron computerized programmable control center in the basement of the station building. A virtually infinite array of programmable lighting displays are available.

The project was advanced as an MTA Small Business Mentoring Program (SBMP) Tier II project. Construction was completed in September 2018 and was followed by start-up and commissioning of the LED lighting.