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Hudson Tunnel Project Planning & Environmental Services

Hudson Tunnel Project Planning and Environmental Services, New York and New Jersey

A NEPA Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was prepared for both the construction of a new Hudson River rail tunnel and the rehabilitation of the existing North River Tunnel.

SIMCO was responsible for overseeing the traffic and pedestrian analysis of conditions during the construction and rehabilitation of the tunnels. Traffic analyses were conducted on both the New York and New Jersey sides of the tunnel using Synchro for the various peak hours and construction scenarios. Mitigation measures were devised to address identified traffic and pedestrian impacts. Pedestrian analyses of critical sidewalks, crosswalks, and corners were conducted to assess construction conditions. All analyses conducted in New York were in accordance with the CEQR Technical Manual standards.

SIMCO’s tasks on the project included:

  • Documentation of existing conditions
  • Generation of construction increments for trucks and workers based on project documents and census data
  • SYNCHRO traffic analysis for intersections in New York and New Jersey
  • Pedestrian analysis of construction condition in New York
  • Crash Analysis and Safety Assessment for New York and New Jersey study areas
  • Development of Transportation Chapter of EIS in accordance with NEPA standards