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Ingraham’s Mountain Staging Area at LaGuardia Airport (PANYNJ)

Ingraham’s Mountain Staging Area at LaGuardia Airport, Queens, NY (PANYNJ)

SIMCO, in coordination with Clough Harbor Associates, was involved with the redevelopment of Ingraham’s Mountain, a former depository for excavated material during the construction of the third tube for the Lincoln Tunnel. 

The site, physically separated from LaGuardia Airport, would be used as a contractor staging area during the redevelopment of the Central Terminal Building.  This site would add significant construction worker traffic to local roadways and require temporary roadway improvements during the construction period to mitigate operations. 

SIMCO prepared relevant Traffic Engineering materials to support roadway improvements to the New York City Roadways. The materials were submitted to NYCDOT to obtain a roadway work permit to improve the operations of 19th Avenue.  SIMCO also prepared a Traffic Impact Study, Traffic Signal Warrant Analyses, a Conceptual Plan, and coordinated the preparation of these items with the production of contract documents.

SIMCO designed the Pavement Marking and Signing Plans, Traffic Signal Plans, and Traffic Control Plans for PANYNJ for inclusion within the bid set documents. 

Owner: The Port Authority of NY & NJ
Client: CHA Consulting
Fee: $108,511
Contact: Mr. Edward Peralta, P.E., P.P., AICP, PMP, PTP, PTOE, LEED AP
Tel: (212) 435-3734
Email: eperalta@panynj.gov
Dates of Service: 2013 – 2015