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Lincoln Tunnel Helix

The Helix is an elevated structure that connects NJ Route 495 with the Lincoln Tunnel portal. The Helix was deemed to be functionally obsolete with a number of geometric deficiencies. The PANYNJ proposed to replace the Helix since it is approaching the end of its useful life.

Traffic count and vehicles classification data was collected and summarized for 29 intersections on the approaches to the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel and on the mainline and ramps of NJ Route 495. SIMCO used the intersection turning movement, ATR, and vehicle classification counts to create balanced flow maps for three peak time periods (Weekday AM, Weekday PM, and Weekday Early Evening) for three vehicle classification types (all vehicles, heavy vehicles, and passenger vehicles).

The balanced traffic flow maps, pedestrian counts, travel time runs, toll data, qualitative observations, vehicle queue lengths, inventories of intersection geometry and signal timing, vehicle headway calculations, and bus routes and stop data collected was used in the creation and calibration of an AIMSUN traffic model of the project study area for the three peak periods. The model was used to assess various Helix construction scenarios.

Owner:Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
Client: AECOM
Fee: $160,000
Contact: Ira Quiat
Tel: (212) 896 0160
Email: ira.quiat@aecom.com
Date of Service: 2017 – 2018