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Manhattan Bridge Traffic Study

The New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) Division of East River Bridges rehabilitated structural components on the Manhattan Bridge. SIMCO prepared a detailed traffic impact study to assess the effects of the Maintenance and Protection of Traffic Plans (MPT) on traffic and pedestrian operations for the Manhattan Bridge and connecting access roadways affected by the various stages of construction

SIMCO oversaw the collection of turning movement counts at 20 intersections, automatic traffic recorder counts, vehicle classification and occupancy counts, and field inventories and observations at critical intersections. Balanced traffic flow maps were created and HCS+ level of services analysis was conducted at 20 intersections. Mitigation measures were prepared and analyzed where impacts were identified. Capacity analyses for the bridge roadway were conducted using VISSIM and calibrated using travel speed run data. SIMCO prepared a report and presentation documenting the results of the study.

The services provided for this project included the following:

  • Field Traffic Data Collection
  • Field Inventories
  • Field Observations
  • VISSIM Capacity Modeling
  • Development of Mitigation Measures
  • Signal Design
  • Preparation of Final Report and Presentation