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Route 303 Roadway Improvements NYSDOT Region 8

SIMCO, as a subconsultant, provided traffic engineering services from concept through final design to improve traffic conditions along a stretch of Route 303, including the signalized intersection of Erie Street and Route 303 in Orangetown, Rockland County, NY. SIMCO provided the initial design services to evaluate various intersection configurations and methods to link the signalized intersection with an adjacent at-grade rail crossing to minimize backup onto the state highway.

Traffic Control Plans – SIMCO prepared long-term traffic control plans to facilitate the full-depth reconstruction of the shoulder and roadway widening. The plan was coordinated with overall project construction to ensure safe drainage throughout the project and ideal project phase progression. SIMCO provided input on ideal schemes to minimize exposed slopes as per the AASHTO Roadside Design Guide.

Striping and Sign Location Plans – SIMCO prepared striping and sign location plans in accordance with MUTCD and current NYSDOT practices.

Traffic Signal Plans – SIMCO prepared traffic signal plans to replace an existing span wire signal with a steel pole/mast arm signal to support the new intersection configuration. SIMCO designed in-roadway vehicle detection layout and conduit wiring details and the future interconnection with the adjacent rail crossing into the traffic signal. The plans were prepared in accordance with the MUTCD.