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Superstorm Sandy Flood Mitigation Project

SIMCO performed field review, utility investigations and design services for the maintenance and protection of traffic (MPT) for the retro-fitting of points of water egress into the subway system.

This project includes field identification and inspection of TA manholes and pullboxes, stairways and ventilation grates at the street level at nine subway stations, and two facilities, the Hunter’s Point Portal and the Richardson Avenue Fan Plant.

Responsibilities included coordination with the NYCT CPM and Cable Groups, field measurement of utility and ventilation grates for retrofitting, inspection of the manholes for power and communications cables, ducts, conduits and other sub-surface penetrations for plugs to prevent water intrusion.

SIMCO conducted detailed inspection and photo documentation of all TA street hardware for use by the designers.

SIMCO prepared MPT plans, including General MPT Notes; typical details for long term, stationary, and moving construction operations; and sections and key plans for the implementation of the flood mitigation measures. SIMCO’s responsibilities also included coordination with NYCDOT Office of Construction Coordination and Mitigation (OCMC) and other stakeholders as necessary for MPT review and Traffic Stipulations.

This was a project under the NYC Transit’s Superstorm Sandy Term Agreement to mitigate the impacts of flooding and salt water on TA facilities during future major storm events.