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LIRR East Side Access Project Sunnyside Yard to Grand Central Terminal

East Side Access is one of the largest undergoing transportation infrastructure projects in the United States which is being managed by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority‘s (MTA) Capital Construction (MTA CC). When completed, it will provide faster and easier ride for the commuters from Long Island and Queens to the east side of Manhattan. The project’s total estimated cost is over $ 10.0 billion.

The main construction elements of the project include:

  • Tunneling and excavation
  • Concourse and terminal construction
  • Track eealignment, reconfiguration, and modernization
  • Power and ventilation facilities
  • Storage and maintenance facilities

SIMCO, as a subconsultant, is providing personnel to support East-Side Access project to fulfill the following duties, including but not limited to:

Under direct supervision of the ESA management, SIMCO’s inspectors are responsible for performing civil and structural field inspection services for the tunnel construction to ensure contractor’s activities are carried out safely and in accordance with Contract Documents, submitted Construction plans, Safe Work plans, and other relevant documents.

SIMCO’s inspectors act as CM’s field staff in a variety of tasks as needed, including evaluating construction progress, review of field engineer reports, and assist in remedying open issues. Major emphasis is given to monitoring and documenting the contractor’s timely prosecution of work.

SIMCO’s inspectors interface and coordinate with control managers and other field engineers to maintain and track various logs, reports, and field records. They also identify potential coordination, quality, safety, or environmental issues.