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REI Service For The Construction Of Storm Sewers and Water Mains At Peru Street & Harold Street

SIMCO Engineering, D.P.C. provided REI Services for the Construction of Storm Sewers and Water Mains at Peru Street and Harold Street in Staten Island, NY

This project consisted of the following work:

  • Surveying and pruning of city owned trees
  • Construction of new 10” ESVP sanitary sewer in Oakville Street and providing the properties that are still on septic tanks with the city sewer
  • Construction of 10” ESVP sanitary sewer to replace the existing 8” and reconnect the house connection drains to the new sewer
  • Construction of two intercepting chambers for the storm sewers
  • Construction of 12” ESVP, 15” ESVP, 18” ESVP, 24” R.C.P. CL III, 30” R.C.P. CL III, 38”w x 24”h R.C.P. CL HE-III, and 45”w x 29”h R.C.P. CL HE-III
  • Installation of Type I and Type III catch basins and 12” D.I.P. chute connections
  • Installation of different types of access manholes on both sewers
  • Installation of 8” water mains and appurtenances, main line valves, hydrants, hydrant fenders, and hydrant valves
  • Protection and the support of underground 26” high pressure natural gas line
  • Construction of sidewalks, curbs, and pedestrian ramps
  • Restoration of the roadways, including the concrete base and asphalt